The Year of the Dragon starts on January 23rd 2012!

January 23rd 2012 is the first day of the Year of the Dragon, according to Chinese astrology and lunar calendar.  To the Chinese, Koreans, and Vietnamese, Lunar New Year is the most important festival of the year.  Other Asian nationals may join the festivity in their neighborhoods even though they observe their owe new year days.  For example, the Thais honor their Songkran (Water Festival) in April or the Gujaratis celebrate theirs the day before the Indian Diwali (the Festival of Lights) in late October or early November.  As for the Japanese and Filipinos, they choose to observe the Gregorian New Year.  If you are surprised that not all Asians celebrate Lunar New Year, you are not alone.  Stay tuned and please return next week to find out how the Chinese celebrate their Lunar New Year.  But before you leave, please share with our readers how you celebrate Lunar New Year, if you do.

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