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What our clients say about our services . . .

“Your work was foundational to our growing success. Your work with us provided us with a sense of belonging as well as clarified our vision and mission.”
~ Dr. Rudolfo C., New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

“I love Julia’s presentation.  She is an excellent communicator and captivating speaker.”
~ American Association of Women in Community Colleges

“[Dr. So’s] presentation skills are truly remarkable.  Her ability to connect with her audience is genuine.”
~ Brandon H., Eastfield College. Mesquite, TX

“The presentation was really clear and interesting. The presenter was cheerful and knowledgeable. It will be really useful in my future business career.”
~ Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France

“Dallas HR would recommend Dr. So as a speaker or diversity consultant without any reservation.”
~ Susan F., Dallas Human Resources Management Association, Inc., Dallas, TX

“…a very educational and enriching experience.  I highly recommend them for future events at our agency.”
~ Laurie D., Defense Logistics Agency, Richmond, VA

“Great speaker!  Very enlightening and loved the way [Dr. So] presented herself and made us feel important with her good energy.
~ R. Zozaya, International Association of Administrative Professionals

“Julia is an expert in the Cultural Diversity arena. Her interactive presentation style engaged the audience…As a consultant, she is a professional and pleasant consultant to work with and I highly recommend Julia if you are seeking a cultural diversity professional.”
~ Marcia T., Dallas Public Library, Dallas, TX

“I like most are the use of activities that I can take directly into the classroom, the reflective pauses, and partner interactions…”
~ Jefferson Community & Technical College, Louisville, KY

“I like  Dr. So and the way she kept us attentive.  Normally I’d be yawning after lunch. Not this time.  All was great–learned a lot.  Thanks!”
~ M. Sarabia, San Antonio Tourism & Travel Consultants

“From the positive feedback I received, it was obvious that members were intrigued by your work and took away many valuable lessons and tools that they will apply to their lives.”
~ Michele B., OASIS, Albuquerque, NM

“Better than I thought it would be…excellent…very informative.”
~ Texas A & M University, College Station, TX

“Before today, I did not know that Asians and Latinos have so much in common.”
~ Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education

“Through your presentation, the students got the necessary tools that will help them succeed in a multicultural nation.”
~ Dr. Changa D., The University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND

“I like the discussions…handouts were great…great detailed”
~ Dr. Erinn T., Temple University

“I have been through this course four times, but still enjoy listening something new each time. Julia’s knowledge and it is engaging.”
~ Maria G., Bonilla-Giuriato Associates, Salinas, CA

“Knowledgeable as well as a great presentation that encompassed joy, languages, and humor.”
~ 25th Annual Conference, International Association of Hispanic Meeting Professionals

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