Other Services

We offer the following additional services:

Consultation on Employee/Client Relations
We provide staff training/culture coaching to address your need in:

  • Debunking Misperception and Diffusing Miscommunication with Asian/Latino employees or clients, so to improve employee relations and to increase retention.
  • Acquiring Effective Communication Skills to interact with your LGBTQI employees
  • Understanding the Appropriate Protocol when interacting with people with disabilities
  • Conducting a Culture Audit of your organization so you can better understand its internal cultural landscape.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your “cultural competence” training programs.

Student Engagement Strategies
Effective student engagement strategies to increase course completion rate, especially for first-year college students.

Mediation involving one party of Asian or Mexican Heritage.

Demographic & Socioeconomic Data
Analysis and interpretation of demographic & socioeconomic data relevant to your projects and programs.

New Mexico Land Grant-Merced and Acequia Research
We conduct research and analysis on New Mexico legal history and current best practices relating to mercedes, Indian Pueblos, and acequias.

Questionnaire Design
We design survey instruments to help you collect pertinent information so you can make data-driven decisions.

Expert Witness
Expert witness reports and testimony on subjects relating to our expertise.

Program Evaluation
“What gets measured gets improved.” We evaluate the effectiveness of your D&I program.
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